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Michelle Schurter is CEO and Founder of Millennial Strategist, She’s a leadership expert who provides practical, savvy advice to public organizations and private sector businesses to help attract, lead and grow their teams in a cross generational workforce.


Her early career,  counselling children and youth for 10 different organizations over 14 years, is what draws her to the future workforce today.  Michelle's extensive organizational development background was refined in the public sector – 14 years working with some of Ontario’s largest Ministries (Health, Agriculture, Children and Youth, and Education), Municipalities, and Universities in a split specialty of child and adult leadership development.   


Now Michelle is a successful entrepreneur – providing training for companies and governments in Ontario. She was a winner of numerous awards and scholarships while completing her double Masters of Social Work and Masters of Business Administration.   


Michelle’s passion is to help organizations get more productive by bridging the communication gap between generations in the workplace. In her words:  “Millennials were the children I worked with 15 years ago.  They are energetic, brilliant and passionate.  Organizations excel when all generations are represented on their teams.  I can help show you why and how.”


In her personal life, Michelle can be found climbing the Great Wall in China, skiing in fresh powder to her knees in BC, or fishing in Northern Ontario with her 2  and adventurous husband.

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