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Success Stories

MaRS Landing, Toronto, Ontario


"When doors were closed for millennial researchers and entrepreneurs.." 




Young entrepreneurs and researchers looking to commercialize their agri-food products struggled to access MaRS' leading edge business development resources (e.g., legal resources, venture capital) - they didn’t have an entry point into the Toronto Discovery District commercialization hub.




  • Opened an office at MaRS, the heart of Toronto's Discovery District commercialization hub, to develop inward connections.   

  • Set up new product development events to connect millennial entrepreneurs with senior investors and other early-stage supports, enabling faster product to market timelines. 

  • Opened international channels of visibility for millennial researchers and entrepreneurs thru displays at the "Institute of Food Technologists Expo" in Chicago, and Orlando, Florida; "BIO International Convention, 2006" in Chicago, and the "Journey to Your Good Health" pavilion, at the "Royal Agriculture Winter Fair".  

  • Sponsored and organized a field trip of Ontario millennial researchers to a leading North Carolina research centre, and facilitated conversations to develop a sustainable partnership for ongoing research re: cross-generational learning. 




  • Provided visibility for millennial research and innovation to 1,000+ potential investors at over 30 events in one year.   

  • Program participant won numerous industry awards, outpacing competitors’ growth.

  • Program was responsible for facilitating a unique 4 partner research collaboration led by a group of millennial researchers, which secured $1M start-up funding and is now in its 10th year of operation. 


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