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Michelle's course on multi-generations should be a mandatory course for everyone. It gives you a different perspective how you see things and how other generations see things. Very eye opening!

Anyone who has done any reading or thinking about this topic - frankly, anyone who is currently in the work force - should take this course.


Excellent, extremely well done and the best [internal] course I've taken in a few years!

- City of Kitchener, CapaCITY Training

I recently worked with Michelle when I booked her for a keynote speech on the multi-generational workforce. Working with Michelle was nothing short of a great experience. She is enthusiastic, reliable, extremely knowledgeable and an incredible communicator. Her knowledge shines throughout her presentation - yet she is able to create a unique, authentic and personalized talk geared towards her audience. As this event included many people from various organizations and industries, it is apparent that Michelle is genuinely interested in helping organizations solve their workforce challenges in an inclusive, fun and professional environment.


As an event coordinator, I would highly recommend Michelle as a speaker - we still have attendees talking about it!


- Guelph Chamber of Commerce, Breakfast Academy 

Michelle is a great speaker and I would definitely refer people to this training opportunity and would take other courses offered by her.

 - 25th Annual Community Futures Ontario Conference, Timmins

Relevant content, useful in my line of work, important for all employees to be aware of - senior management included :)


- Ontario Municipal Social Service Association, Annual Leadership Symposium

She did amazing!  


Kept us all engaged and really made us think.

- S&C Utilities

Michelle is a knowledgeable, skilled and dynamic instructor on this topic.



-Jablonsky, Ast and Partners

Consulting Engineers

Your presentation resonated so strongly with our table of attendees yesterday! We have an office where multi-generational people work, and I would truly appreciate receiving a copy of your slide presentation, if possible, to illustrate the differences between the generations, both in terms of their values and reward expectations/validations. We were inspired by your talk, and I believe that level of understanding inter-generationally can help our office function with greater understanding of the key motivating factors of all generations.

Once again, thank you for inspiring us and informing us with your presentation! 

- Electricity Distributors Association,

Annual Women's Leadership Event: EDA CON::NECT Women Connected 2017

Attending Michelle’s presentation regarding multi-generational employees in the workplace allowed me to clearly see where my own strengths may not be enough and that there are not only “older, experienced” people that I can hire but “younger” people with new insight and understanding about how certain things are done simply due to their age.

The session gave me encouragement to step out of my entrepreneurial shoes and allow myself permission to give up trying so hard at putting a square into a circle and assign certain tasks to a new and energetic, very much younger individual who will hit the road running with the task. I am expecting great return for my investment!

- Guelph Chamber of Commerce Member, Business Owner

Fantastic session!  

Really engaging workshop.   

Very well informed - excellent experience!

- Stratford Managers Corporation, Leadership Development Training 

Informative, fun, relevant, eye-opening!


- National Community Futures Conference, Winnipeg

Understanding the perspectives of the various generations leads to improved communication and collaboration. 

- Big Brothers, Big Sisters Peel

At the end of the session, my seat-mate said she could stay for another hour to hear more about the topic.


- RLB LLP Chartered Professional Accountants

This should be shared with all levels of management as well as with Regional management. Additionally, there should be consideration given to including the types of people/groups we engage with within reports. Currently we just say yes we engaged with this many people - would be great to understand the diversity of each engagement level.                


I feel this is a topic that would benefit from management taking. Perhaps a workshop could be designed for that particular audience, or included in the LEAD workshops/topics. As our workforce continues to expand to include millennials and iGen, now more than ever before, we need to be adapting.


- City of Kitchener, Customer Service Training 2018

Thanks for a great talk yesterday. As a somewhat anxious, career-focused millennial, it's wonderful to hear positive messages about my generation in the workforce, as opposed to the classic "entitled millennial" narrative :)

I enjoyed learning about your strategies to leverage what you have, change your mindset and then make well thought out decisions -- it's given me a lot to think about in my career and life. Thanks once again - I hope to see you at another event in the future!  


- Ontario Libraries Association, Marketing Think Tank Symposium

Knowledgable, Sincere and Awesome! 3 words that come to mind when I think of Michelle. After seeing Michelle present about multi-generations several times, I have learned she consistently captures her audience with an interesting and engaging keynote presentation no matter the age group (generation) or industry. She has a way with words, always leaving her audience feeling enthusiastic about the future and enlightened.

If you want to future-proof your workforce, you need to talk to Michelle!

I look forward to working with her more often!


- Wellington Waterloo Community Futures 

I would recommend it to a lot of my colleagues that don't really get millennials and iGens :D WE ARE THE FUTURE :P


- Municipality of Chatham Kent

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